A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

My game that follows the them (kinda) Ancient Technology for Ludum Dare 36.


WASD - Move

Right Click - Aim

Left Click - Shoot

R - Inspect

Space - Jump


You awaken in a blank room with a little compass that seems to be talking too you, telling you that you are trapped in another time, and you can get back with his help, but can you really trust him? As you use weapons from the present day to easily dispatch old warriors from Rome and Egypt, doesn't it feel a little TOO easy?

Sound Effects: BFXR

Music: FL Studio

Modeling: MagicaVoxel

Programming: Unity + C#

Entertainment/Encouragement: Friends at skype, seriously thanks guys :D and Music

Textures: Paint.net.

Problems with the game:

-Tons of cut content (listed later)

-Story is mehish

-In my opinion, gameplay is kinda lack-luster

Cut Content:

-The Chariot Escapade

-The Middle Ages



Compass FINAL.zip 65 MB
Compass Linux Universal.zip 77 MB
Compass Mac Universal.zip 78 MB

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